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Linksys BEFSR41 4-Port Etherfast Cable/DSL Router
(a must for DSL and with more than one computer)

Olympus D-490 Zoom Digital Camera
(uses SmartMedia Card)

Diamond Rio 500 64 MB USB MP3 Player
(uses SmartMedia Card)

Best Data MP3-64 "Cabo 64" MP3 Player
(uses SmartMedia Card)

Samsung Yepp Hip Hop 64MB Digital Audio Player
(uses SmartMedia Card)

128 MB SmartMedia Card
Viking (SSFDC3/128)

64 MB SmartMedia Card
Viking 64 MB 3.3 Volt

32MB SmartMedia Card
SanDisk SDSM-32-490

16MB SmartMedia Card
SanDisk SDSM-16-490

8 MB SmartMedia Card
SanDisk SDSM-8-490

Smart Media Adapter for PCMCIA slot (notebook computers)

RCA RP5007 Digital Voice Recorder
(uses SmartMedia Card)

Olympus MAUSB-1 USB Smartmedia Reader Writer
(connect your SmartMedia Card to your PC)

32 MB Volt SmartMedia (discount price)

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